About the Academy

The Academy of the Dance is located in downtown Wilmington, Delaware.  Nestled on a beautiful tree-lined street just beyond the Brandywine River, the Academy has remained quietly unassuming for more than 45 years.
Co-founded in 1956 by Helene Antonova, formerly of the Diaghilev Ballet and The Ballet Russe, and the legendary James Jamieson, internationally acclaimed American dancer, teacher, choreographer and Maestro extraordinaire, the school has long earned the reputation for excellence in classical ballet training – the very hallmark of quality.
The Academy today serves as a direct artistic and legitimate cultural link to dance history and the time of the great era of dance.  It remains a major quality institution known for superior professionalism, achieving a long track record for true artistic value.  The Academy is often acknowledges for its unrivaled status as a professional establishment of impeccable quality training, coupled with great artistic integrity.  Intrinsic to this is the knowledge that the endowment of artistic wealth entrusted must be passed on with the greatest sincerity to audiences, and backed with an undisputable wealth of professional knowledge and tradition.